Why Your High School Athlete Should Olympic Lift

Olympic weightlifting is a great skill to learn for every high school athlete.

Olympic weightlifting increases explosiveness.

Olympic weightlifting develops coordination.

Olympic weightlifting teaches the body to generate force through the major joints -- extension of the hip, knee, and ankle, called Triple Extension.

Olympic weightlifting increases mobility of the -- ankles, knees, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders, and wrists. Pretty sure all those joints are used in sports.

Olympic weightlifting teaches the body to absorb and transfer force.

Olympic weightlifting taxes and grows the central nervous system's connection with muscle, joints, and tendons.

Olympic weightlifting helps with sprinting.

Olympic weightlifting helps with jumping.

Olympic weightlifting, when taught properly, should be a mainstay in any athlete's strength and performance program. The explosive nature of the olympic lifts translates directly to the field of play -- whether that's jumping to spike a volleyball, swinging your hips through on a baseball, posterizing someone in a dunk, or driving through a tackler in football.

It is very important to do these exercises properly, and a lot of sport coaches turned strength coaches frankly aren't that great at coaching them. If your son or daughter is involved in Tennessee High School sports and they're looking to learn a competitive edge on the field, contact me today and we can get them training to be beasts on the field and in life.

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