Three Reasons to Spend A Lot of Money on Professional Personal Training

I get it, money is extremely valuable. You’ve got lots of demands on your money -- taking care of your kids, paying student loans, saving for retirement, your mortgage, down payment for a house, that dream vacation, not to mention everyday bills like your phone, rent, utilities. I worked a salaried desk job for a decade, my paycheck had to be diligently watched to plan for all these things (well, maybe not kids, but some day!!).

But let me argue that investing in your health through personal training is a worthwhile use of your time and money. Much like retirement accounts, the more you invest early, the more the benefits will compound in the future.

Here are three ways investing in a personal trainer will compound in the future, allowing you to live a more full life. First, a professional trainer can identify and correct poor movement patterns. Second, a professional trainer will help you increase your lean muscle mass and your metabolism. Third, a professional trainer will push your body to increase your dexterity and mobility.

Each of these features will compound positively into the future (not to mention possibly helping in the short-term, like helping you find a mate!).

  • Poor movement patterns, even something as small as tight hamstrings, can have negative effects up and down your body after years of improper use.

  • Having more lean muscle mass when you’re young helps your body maintain that mass over time, keeping your metabolism high and increases your ability to care for yourself in old age.

  • Having dexterity and mobility will help you stay limber and more mobile as you age, likely preventing a common cause of elderly hospitalization -- falling and breaking a bone.

This compounding effect is because of the human body’s two primary features -- it adapts to inputs and is extremely resilient. Without being too verbose, let’s just say these features are good and bad, depending on the inputs.

Your body will find a way to live with the inputs you provide. Despite your diligence, you will likely experience aches, pains, limited mobility, lack of athleticism, fat accumulation, and you can’t really explain why. Heck, we all will to some degree, but to what degree are you willing to live with?

A professional trainer is a crucial part of the inputs to help your body compound positive interest over time. You may go to a trainer with the goal of changing your body composition, but a professional trainer will not only help you reach that goal, they can change your body’s trajectory of the rest of your life.

The earlier you pay for a personal trainer to change your body’s trajectory, the less work you need to do in the long-term. Whether you are 50 and want to be able to play with your grandkids in your 80’s or if you’re in your 30’s and want to be able to keep up with your kids in your 50’s, investing in your health at this very moment will help make that possible. The better the baseline you begin with, the higher it will stay over time.

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