Three Bench Press Warm Up Moves You're NOT Doing

There is a whole lot more to warming up for bench press than doing arm circles and flailing your arms about forward and backward. There is a ton of movement that happens in the body during the bench. If the bench is done improperly, you load your front delts rather than your pecs.

Doing bench properly helps build the strength in the upper body, which helps provide counter-rotational forces while you're sprinting, helps with upper body coordination and builds power for all sports! Plus, benching looks awesome and the look of strong pecs doesn't suck either!!

You need to get your Thoracic Spine moving forward, backward, and side to side.

You need to get your shoulder blades and lats fully engaged.

You need to teach your body to load up the top of your shoulder in addition to the pec and shoulder blades.

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