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I've recently picked up several online clients with varying body types, goals, and equipment available to them. Here is a breakdown of my current virtual and online clients. Interested in virtual coaching? Shoot me an email at and let's get it going!!

Two ladies recently had their second kid and are looking to build strength in their core and overall get stronger. They're following along through an online coaching app called, TrueCoach. The app lays out the day's workout in an easy to follow manner, has instructional videos from me and others I find on youtube, and you can message and leave comments for me to review that you're doing things right. It's really functional and makes having online programming very easy.

Mom #1 is using my program to solely build up her core. She's recently lost 30 pounds (on her own, not as a result of training with me) and is looking to take her training to the next level! She was a former college cheerleader and has a solid athletic background, so she knows what she's doing in the gym. However, she needed a core routine and she is about to start a new cycle after killing the last cycle.

Mom #2 is using my program to get back in shape after having had 2 children and also dealing with the impacts the work-from-home dynamic has had on her body. She's about to enter for second four-week cycle of programming. The programming is split in to 4 days. Two days are hip hinge and pull motions to work her posterior chain and the other two days are squatting and pushing motions to work her shoulders, chest, and legs. Each workout finishes with a little burner so she has a good sweat!

Here's what she had to say about the workouts:

One lady is a triathlete who has had several foot surgeries recently and has limited mobility. Understandably, she's going stir crazy because she can't do her usual level of fitness, so we've been doing one on one virtual sessions. She has a couple therapy bands, a couple 5 pound dumbbells, and a single 20 pound dumbbell, but I'm still able to get her a solid workout hitting her core, glutes, shoulders, and back. All from her living room while she's basically unable to use one foot! She's a really dedicated and strong client!

The most recent online client is a guy, in his 40s, a busy husband and executive (and has an old high school knee injury), but has access to a standard gym. His goals are to continue to put on lean muscle and stay mobile. With that in mind, I wrote him a 4 day cycle that requires a lot of slow eccentrics under a moderate load, then some explosive movements. These workouts keep him nimble, strong, and moving like an athlete.

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