One Thing Nashville Will & Will Not Find at My Gym

Judgment looms large in the fitness scene. Judging of figure, of form, of stamina, of weights moved. There is also judging of "us" vs "them". Your tribe vs the "others." Feeling superior to others because you train a certain way. And that sucks.

Well I Train This Way,

What Do You Do Plebian?

This is how it goes down...

Fitness consumers get pigeonholed into -- and establish their identity in -- their workout methods. "I'm a yoga (yogee?)" "I'm a Crossfit person" "Conjugate method is the way" "Olympic lifting makes the best athletes" "Pilates is best."

Trainers fall into the same trap too. "I'm a high intensity interval fitness coach and the muscle confusion is best for long term growth" "Peleton classes make it easy to maintain movement and health in your house" "Heavy weights is the key the world's ailments" "Triathlons is the most well-rounded for long-term health."

We then thumb our nose, roll our eyes, and JUDGE THE CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE NOT IN OUR CAMP.

Nashville will NEVER find JUDGMENT at my gym or my free Saturday classes.

Nashville will ALWAYS find EXCITEMENT for whatever you do for fitness at my free Saturday workouts (even if you're doing anything at all).

Whatever gets people moving, I'm in favor of it. Moving, sweating, community, and increased confidence are all great for the person and great for their soul. As a coach, I feel like I have a responsibility to encourage the health of everyone.

Not Actually Me, Some Day Tho

I definitely have my preferred methods of training -- lifting weights, purposeful mobility, moving fast & slow, avoiding "cardio" -- but I'd never talk down to someone or their ways of doing what they think is best for their health.

I'd also never talk down to someone new to a method of training. It takes time for the body to get acclimated to different training stimulus. If I were to go to a Pilates class, I'm sure I'd STRUGGLE!

If a person new to weightlifting shows up at my gym and they hit, to most coaches, a horrible looking lift, I'm not going to say "that was really bad," I'll say something along the lines of "Nice! You're on the right path. On this next set, think about that hip moving first instead of your knee."

Me Giving Instruction on

Thoracic Extension in Deadlift

Me Judging, IN A GOOD WAY!!

Want to learn how to lift weights? Want to reclaim your strength and mobility? Want to break up your routine and give something else a try? Come to my free class every Saturday. You can sign up by emailing me at or reaching out to me on Facebook or Instagram.

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