Nutrition Coaching!!

When I first got into coaching, I was stoked to be able to help people reclaim their strength, find new ranges of motion and power, teach them the big lifts of squat, deadlift, bench press, cleans, and, overall, helping them feel more confident and more kick ass in life.

But I always felt like this was only one part of the equation, that I could only aid their progress in the gym. I'd see a client maybe up to 3 hours a week in the gym, but the other 165 hours of the week I couldn't help guide their decisions that would make the bigger impact -- primarily their food intake.

That's why I'm excited to announce that I am officially certified to do nutrition coaching! Just this week, I completed my certification through Precision Nutrition -- one of the largest nutrition companies in the world.

They teach a well-rounded approach to nutrition, focusing on the whole person, rather than just creating meal plans or how to hit your macros.

The Precision Nutrition approach to coaching is about building a relationship with the client, gathering information about their current eating habits, their food likes and dislikes, their psychology around food, and ultimately creating a better relationship with food.

Precision Nutrition isn't stuck in one paradigm either -- their method can apply to you regardless of your diet of choice, whether that's Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, or straight up carnivore. The program is grounded in habits, not the latest fad of "detox teas" or "cleanses."

Another thing that excites me about Precision Nutrition is it teaches better habits. These habits are science-based and psychology-based to help you reach your goals while living life. Meaning, there is grace to have a piece that ice cream treat, that beer and wings with your buddies, or birthday cake your in-laws made you. The human heart is fickle and if it thinks there is ZERO chance of having cake, all you'll think about is cake.

Not putting foods in a camp of "bad food" or "good food", creates healthier relationships with food and better mental health. Instead of feeling shame for really liking potato chips, let's look at that food choice in relation to your goals. Instead of feeling guilt for having that chocolate, let's look at what kind of day you were having -- perhaps you were under a lot of stress and next time you're under stress, you'll better recognize it and know the chocolate bar was a reaction and you don't necessarily have to have that reaction (and the resulting guilt that comes from the reaction).

The certification isn't just psychology either. There is a lot of chemistry and biology knowledge bombs dropped in the course -- probably more than I did in any class I took in high school or college! Knowing how the cells work, how the body processes energy, stores energy, and uses energy helps to better reach your goals.

And I'm excited to empower your health goals with this new coaching service. If you're tired of being on the Yo Yo of dieting, losing weight and putting it back on, let's work together!!

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