Music City Strongman

First Strongman Competition in the books and it was a total blast! I was full of beginner's luck and pulled out a second place finish. There were a ton of strong and talented athletes there and I was shocked to make the podium.

Big time shootout to Blake (aka, THE Music City Strongman), who did a great job putting on an awesome event with a bunch of kick ass competitors who cheered each other on the entire day. Definitely an awesome crew of people I'm looking forward to growing with over the years! Thanks too to Matt McQuinton for encouraging me to sign up for the event 6 days out and for the coaching help!

Another great aspect of the day were the REALLY STRONG, athletic, and gracious ladies lifting. They were all super strong, competitive, and cheering everyone on the entire time -- they were in their element, they were in their community, and they were all extremely HAPPY.

The crowd was really supportive too, which is surprising considering I nearly hit them with a 35# sandbag when it slipped out of my hands on my first throw. They also cheered me through some ridiculously bad lifts (video 1)! The audience and fellow competitors were seriously awesome support throughout the day!

Overall, I had a great time at the Music City Strongman. I had a great time competing and preparing to compete. After my upcoming Spartan Race, I'm going to dive more into training for Strongman -- I don't think I'll win any more tournaments, but I love the crowd of people, the bond created among the competitors, and the community of people it brings together.

Here's videos of the lifts from the day. Feel free to share!

Vid 1 - Log 185, Axel 205

Vid 2 - Yoke Run 495

Vid 3 - Axle Deadlift 415#

Vid 4 - Sandbags over 13 foot target, 35#s & 40#s

Vid 5 - Load medley, not sure, each was over 200#s

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