Invigoration thru Competition

Last Sunday, I went to Praxis Strength to lift with my buddy, Matt McQueen. He's a giant of a man is very very SKRONG. He was gracious enough to help teach me some things about doing Strongman lifts.

This was my first time doing Strongman lifts. I appeared to be picking things up pretty well (PUN INTENDED). Here is me Yoke Walking 575 pounds for 50 feet.

Matt suggested I throw my hat in the ring for the upcoming Music City Strongman Competition.

I haven't competed in a while. Technically, yes, I am in competition every day with the market, staying sharp and figuring out how to best run my business. It's fun, but sometimes it doesn't have that immediacy of violent action needed to succeed.

After one session of very haphazardly doing Strongman lifts, I decided to sign up for the competition.

One slight issue though.

The competition was in 6 days. As in, this coming Saturday. As in, tomorrow, at the time of this writing.

I've felt eerily calm about the pending competition. I know I'm strong and can handle some weight, plus I've long done weird things in my training like carrying heavy things for long distances or picking up odd objects for shits and giggles.

Or I could just be an arrogant fool, who will be humbled before the Iron Gods and the crowd at the Competition.

Here is a list of the lifts. My weight class and division is highlighted.

Admittedly, I can hit the highlighted weights, but if I were to go up to the Open division (more experienced, not pros, but long-time Strongmen) I would be STRUGGLING to get the log and the deadlift, and if those are a barometer of difficulty of the other lifts, I would be struggling on those as well.

Here is a video of me getting manhandled by, and nearly passing out while trying to, clean and press a 225# log (30 pounds less than what I'd need to lift in the Open division).

The self-depricating and arrogant lizard brain of mine is saying "Sam quit being a weak bitch and do the open division" but the rational coach in me knows that is asking for injury. I think 3-6 months of dedicated strongman training I would have been more comfortable in the Open class. Maybe in the future?

Either way, I'm planning on LEAVING IT ALL ON THE FLOOR and metaphorically nailing the scalps of my enemies to the wall.


If you'd like to attend the competition, you can buy tickets HERE or show up and pay 5$ at the door.

I'm invigorated and focused by this competition and will be adding new ways to compete in my life. It raises my focus and makes my life better. This last week, I've been...

  • following a strict Macro diet split designed by Renaissance Periodization to help get my energy levels dialed in for the competition (and will continue it after the competition aiming to lose 15 pounds of FATTY FAT FAT by beginning of October)

  • more motivated to sleep better -- getting to bed on time and actually trying to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

  • training has been more focused

  • my focus on business has also been invigorated through better focus, better rest, better fuel.


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