In Fitness, Bigger is Not Always Better

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

It is often said, “Bigger is Better.” 

In fitness that can be true to some extent.

More people energizes a room... 

Louder music turns up your energy levels up a notch…

Heavier weight increases strength…

More stretching increases flexibility...

At Bodymass, we believe bigger is not always better when it comes to small group training. We cap our workouts at 10 individuals with the goal and intention of giving each individual the time and attention they deserve in the workout. 

Here are three reasons why having a truly small group training session is better for you:

You don’t get lost in the crowd. 

In large group fitness classes, the trainer is more focused on providing entertainment to the class, rather than giving proper coaching and form instruction. As a result, you may not get your value from the workout itself. You may be doing the exercises wrong, you may not know what modifications to make, or you may not push yourself as hard as you otherwise would.

At Bodymass, you are known, not a number. Our trainers will know your name, learn your movement patterns, and give you maximum value for your time and money.

You can ask questions. 

In large group fitness classes, it may not be possible to move to the front or flag the trainer over for individualized attention. There are a lot of bodies, there is a lot of movement, and there is loud music. The odds are not good for you to ask the trainer a question of what may be the best modification for you. There then may be the social pressure of completing the exercise because you don’t want to stand out.

At Bodymass, our coaches are always within ear shot or you’re given the opportunity to ask individualized questions. With fewer people, there are fewer variables for the coach. They always have eyes on you and can provide  dedicated attention.

You get better coaching. 

A good trainer or coach is a teacher and a problem solver.

In large group fitness classes, the instructor is more a cheerleader rather than a teacher, and more of a schedule keeper than a problem solver. You deserve better than that. Not only is your time and money valuable, but so is your overall well being. At Bodymass we take that seriously. Your health, your ability to move well, and your ability to prevent injury is our primary focus, and during each workout our trainers are able to ensure we’re working you towards and enhanced state of well being. 

At Bodymass, you get top notch coaching, someone passionate to teach and problem solve. Someone who will take the extra steps to find answers to questions, someone who will consult with our in-house Physical Therapists to ensure you’re staying injury free. Most importantly, you’ll get someone who will listen to you.

Our small group workouts allow our trainers to take the time to dive into detail on specific movements and why they’re important. They are also able to troubleshoot problems: if you can’t complete an exercise, our trainers will give you an alternative, and suggest other mobility moves or stretches to improve the exercise. Rather than feeling as though you can’t keep up, you’ll feel accomplished with exercises specifically suited to you.

For all these reasons, you should come to try a workout at one of our two locations:  Arlington (Courthouse) or DC (Columbia Heights/Petworth). Your first workout is free and we promise you’ll see why smaller is better at Bodymass.

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