Google Review: Mom of two, avid runner

I got an awesome Google review from my client Megan. Here are her words:

Megan is an outstanding client. She knows her goals, knows her limitations and works hard.

She reached out to me to help build core strength after her second child and to help with strength parity to her hips (her right hip was much weaker).

When we first started, Megan had trouble with body weight squats to full depth; her long-time hobby and passion of long-distance running left little strength in her legs to actually move her body.

With all that in mind I programmed for her a bunch of ankle, knee, and hip mobility (running can take a toll on those joints!). To help bring leg parity, we did a lot of single leg work like split squats, lunges, step downs, lateral squats, and single leg glute bridge (which she swears are her ALL TIME FAVORITE).

To strengthen her core and improve mobility in her trunk, we did a bunch of deadbugs, bird dogs, side planks, anti rotation work, thoracic rotation, diaphragmatic breathing, and hip stability drills.

We also did upper body work -- worked on push ups, shoulder strength, and of course her back (as demonstrated by her band assisted pull-ups!).

Unfortunately, I didn't catch all of those reps on film, but I did catch the result of her work -- her first ever barbell back squats!

Great job Megan! You're absolutely crushing your training and I'm excited to see you beat your goals!

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