For Success, Be Like Santa Claus in These Two Ways

Santa Claus is modern wonder. He produces, categorizes, and delivers toys to children all around the world. He he does the delivery part in one night. That's billions of toys made throughout the year then dropped off all in one night. Amazing. Quite the wonder.

How does Santa -- for all intents and purposes a man who is probably not in the best of health because of his cookie habit and poor sleep rhythms -- do it?

The secret is hidden in the famous songs of his.

First, he makes a list and checks it twice. Second, he's holly and jolly.

Let's start with the latter and go to the former.

Have you ever been around someone who is jolly? Unless you're on the naughty list, you probably enjoyed yourself. Being Jolly isn't just feeling happy, it's deeper than that -- it's a soul-level exuding of cheer and love and never-ending optimism. It sings hope and rejoices in other's success. Someone who is Jolly isn't braggadocios or envious or ashamed. There is an attractive nature to it and you want to not only be around that feeling, you want to exude that feeling as well. And when you do exude, others will want to as well (unless their on the naughty list).

Thus is one of Santa's secrets to incredible productivity.

Next, he makes a list and checks it twice. If you're making and delivering billions of toys, I imagine you're not just making a list of good boys and girls.

Without a list, could Santa fulfill his life's mission of spreading Christmas cheer? What if he didn't organize his thoughts and track his progress on a daily basis? A lot of people are depending on him!

And guess what -- YOU'VE GOT A LIFE'S MISSION! And guess what -- A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE DEPENDING ON YOU! Now, I'm not saying you need to change the world, come up with a new invention, or delivery a billion toys. But what I am saying is -- you matter, your life matters, what you care about matters.

Whether that's caring for your kids, producing quality product for your company, or being a strength and conditioning coach -- You are equipped with special gifts, talents, and passions that are meant to make this world a better place.

Here are a couple ways lists help you --

They help you identify your priorities

They help you budget your time and energy toward certain projects

They help others know what you're up too

They help hold you accountable

They help you grow

Never made a list before? Try this simple exercise: Make a list of things 3 things that are important in your life (relationships for instance). Then write out 3 ways you'd like to improve those areas (write your best friend from high school an email). Tape that list to your bedroom door and check them off as you accomplish the tasks! I like to keep my to do lists in a handy place so I can see my progress over time!

Be successful like Santa -- Be Jolly and Make a List and Check It Twice!

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