Client TEXTimonials

Every once in a while I'll get texts from clients or client's parents testifying to how strength training with me helps them destroy their rivals -- whether that's external rivals in a wrestling match or an internal rival like trying to quit smoking.

It's great to get these messages. I truly love my job and am thankful and honored to be a part of their life.

My clients WORK HARD and that makes me AMPED UP. Sometimes after sessions, I'm so inspired by my clients DRIVE TO BE BETTER that I'll hit the weights too -- I just can't help it.

I see some personal trainers just not putting in the work and therefore their clients don't put in the work either. Their hands are in their pockets, they don't move around, some times they're even SITTING! BLASPHEMY

The ONLY time I've ever sat during a training session was when I had a broke foot and even then it was probably only for a hot second before I couldn't take it any longer and HAD to move.

My clients are doing dynamic moves -- moves that require various body parts to move in all sorts of ways. Whether that's a shoulder exercise, a lunge, a deadlift, or a rotational med ball through, they are moving in all angles, degrees, and intensities based on what they need at that time.

These moves are complex and therefore their bodies adapt. They get stronger. They get better. They have more confidence. They have more belief in themselves to accomplish something they previously thought impossible.

Watching other trainers not put in the effort that is required to effectively coach absolutely drives me crazy. It's like someone do quarter squats EXCEPT WAY WORSE.

Quarter squatters may not know better. Trainers half-assing it KNOW they should do better but they don't and that's bad for them AND their clients. Both people aren't getting as much out the session -- the client is getting ripped off and coach isn't pursuing excellence.


Lemme brag on my clients some more. They're absolute monsters and they're getting the results to show it.

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