Client Testimonial - Remote Coaching

My client Andrew reached out to me summer 2021 asking about remote training. Maybe you can relate to his story...

The lockdowns had really up-ended his routines and things he enjoyed.

He didn't quite know what to do at the gym.

He's recovering from an ankle injury.

His eating had gotten thrown off.

His sleep was horrible.

He'd put on weight.

Work was crazy.

He wants help.

"Excellent," I said, "I'm glad you reached out; the lockdowns were rough on most everybody and getting a coach is a great way to get yourself back on track."

Andrew lives in Richmond Virginia, so we would have to do remote coaching.

I've got my gripes with remote and online coaching, which I covered HERE, so I'll spare you my diatribe.

Andrew works hard, has made some serious gains, and is an excellent client. He's great about leaving comments in the coaching app, too. Which get me fired up or make me laugh. Something along the lines of: "when I started, 20 pounds was hard, now it's nothing" "I hit 45# DB's.. too easy.. definitely go up next time" "I didn't know moving like that could burn so much" "holy crap my arms are smoked"

Andrew also expressed frustration with his sleep and a little weight gain, so I sent him my 10-day lifestyle tracker to help him get an idea of his habits, routines, and consumption of food. We went over it and he had some awesome takeaways that continue to bear fruit in his health and life.

I recently made a trip to Northern Virginia and we met up. His winter jacket was looking snug -- his shoulders filled out, his chest a little taller and prouder. It was cool to see.

There have been struggles for him though. Work is crazy, he got new neighbors in his apartment building and they are loud late at night. Regardless, he continues to work hard in the gym, and will text me updates saying something like, "Hey man work has been murdering me last few weeks, haven't made it in to the gym as much as I'd like but here is what I've done instead."

This makes me feel good because A) he can easily relieve stress in the gym, whereas before the gym was a stressor because he didn't know what to do and B) my coaching has empowered him to keep his head up, come up with other workouts, and knowing that taking the little wins is important.

Don't just take my word for it, here's Andrew himself!

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