2022: Lift Heavy Be Light

What a year 2021 has been! I accomplished things that I'd dreamt of for a long time... coaching youth sport teams, doing personal training, putting on events... I'm SUPER thankful and grateful for everything for this year...

It was my first year as completely self-employed. No side hustles, no gigs, no boss. After a decade in politics, it was quite the change!

I had to buckle down... Get work done.

I wrestled with myself, to grow and not slack off, to have grace with myself when I fell short, to work hard but take care of myself, to be tough on myself when I needed to STEP UP, to make commitments to growth, to going ALL IN, to not give up, to be positive, to give 110% even after a LONG week of coaching.

I hired coaches. I got another certification -- The Strength and Sports Performance Certification. I finished my Precision Nutrition Certification. I joined Luka Hocevar and Steve Krebs' coaching group -- they run one of the most successful private gyms in the world. I competed in a strongman. I dieted to lean up. I learned new lifting methodologies when I broke my foot.

It was all worth it.

I'm excited to be set up for success in 2022 -- to be able to forge hammers out of athletes, and help more people lift heavy in the gym and be light in the world.

I want you to succeed.

That's why I rent gym space in Nashville, take equipment to people's houses to coach them out of their garages, train out of a Baptist church community center in Lebanon, rent space at a Crossfit gym in Mt Juliet.

I've coached out of parks, pavilions, and parking lots.

I've coached people virtually all over the country -- my buddy's mom in her late 60's, a friend in DC, moms in central Illinois.

Whatever it takes to coach and make people better, I'm going to do it.


IF you're ready to lift heavy in the gym and be light in the world, I'm ready to coach you.

IF you're willing to put in the work, I'm ready to go above and beyond to help you.

IF you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, I'll enable you to make BIG changes.

IF you're ready to dominate the competition in your life, we'll draw a battle plan together.

I'm Ready. Are You? Let's do this.

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