2021 Ain't Changing Nothing

A refrain I've heard lately, and admittedly have fallen into the trap of saying, is "Man! I cannot wait for 2020 to be over with!" Yes, it's been a challenging year, but what will change when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st?

Will the virus suddenly disappear? Will jobs suddenly reappear? Will social unrest and human depravity suddenly vanish? Will everything go back to "normal"?

Absolutely not.

What has the ability to change, however, is MY and YOUR ATTITUDE and MY and YOUR RESPONSE to everything that is going on. Otherwise, ain't nothing changing and nothing will change till YOU change.

Did 2020 overwhelm you and cause distress? I imagine so, it did for an innumerable number of people. And THAT'S OK.

Take stock of what was good, bad, indifferent of this year.

  • For the good, examine why it was good, what you were seeking and what you got out of it for your life, and build on it.

  • For the bad, recognize the circumstances and what you were longing for in that circumstance (love, affection, recognition, relationship), give yourself some grace, and build on the good motives in the bad situations.

  • For the indifferent, recognize that you weren't really that interested, ask yourself why you did it, what you were seeking, and if you can find an alternative that shifts that activity into the good column.

2021 will have the same challenges as 2020, heck, it could even get worse! Who knows! What can change though is your reaction to these events in your life.

Lord knows I've got a long way to go on all these areas.

Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless.

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