Personal Training Starter Package
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Don't sign up with a trainer with whom you're just another client. Get the professional guidance and help you deserve.


Expert Training

Your body and your goals are unique. You've tried one-size fits all "bootcamps" and just feel hurt, burnt out, or not seeing results. Our sessions target what you want to get done to get RESULTS.

12 Pack of Training: $1080 value


Habits Tracking Package

What is tracked can be changed. Most trainers just worry about reps, I look at the entire picture to help get results -- nutrition, sleep, hydration, stress.

10-Day Lifestyle Tracker: $175 value


Body Composition Scan

Most trainers go by "feelings" or "looks", I go by actual data from a body composition scanner that gives you tangible data to see your progress and hold me accountable. 

Two Composition Scans: $250 value


30 Day Lifestyle Coaching

Habits are deeply ingrained. Your current habits weren't built in a week and won't be changed in a week. I have a 30 day habit changing protocol to help make changes that last.

Habit Forming Protocol: $275 value

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> 12 Personal Training Sessions

> Two Body Composition Scans

> 10 Day Lifestyle Tracker

> 30 Day Habit Forming Protocol

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