Train With Sam

Life's hectic, so I try to make it as easy as possible to work with me.

Scroll down to see what fits for your goals and your life.

At Your
team facility

If your facility has a weight room or space to lift weights, I can implement a very effective strength and sports performance program. You don't need to have fancy equipment. I've found the basics executed with vicious intent can yield incredible results and gains.


at Praxis

I offer private sessions and semi-private sessions at Praxis Strength in Buena Vista neighborhood of Nashville. This space offers a wide variety of equipment in a climate controlled gym. The gym also has showers if you need to clean up before heading to work.  

Online coaching 

This is a great option for all types of people and athletes. I've trained elderly clients in mobility and stability, I've trained experienced lifters trying to break through a plateau. To complete remote programming for busy professionals all over the country. 

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at home

Can't make it to the gym? I can come to you to train you at your apartment gym, at your house, or at a park. I can load equipment in my Jeep and head your way for a workout that gets results.