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Sam Pfister

Nashville's Strength Coach

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Sam Pfister

You matter, your goals matter, and being healthy is a sure fire way to make sure you achieve your goals with your God-given talents. Being fit - mentally, physically, emotionally - will help you excel and squeeze all you can from this life. I would be honored to play a small role in your big dreams.

My passion is in teaching, empowering, and creating community for you to thrive. Let's get there together - contact me today.


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Sam is a fantastic trainer! My husband and I started working with him about a year ago to get in shape for our wedding. Sam really takes the time to make sure you are performing each exercise properly. He also thoroughly explains what each exercise is targeting and strengthening. Most importantly, he keeps the mood of the workouts light while keeping you focused on your respective goals. He’s also super flexible when it comes to working with your schedule. Even during the height of the pandemic when we could have let ourselves go, he hosted virtual training sessions for us that have kept us on-track and adapted exercises to a home environment! Thank you, Sam!

Ali and Dan

After a back injury and months of intensive physical therapy, I began working with Sam to continue rebuilding my strength and endurance in early 2020. As a lifelong athlete who had struggled to even walk a few months before, I really appreciated Sam’s ability to engage my competitive drive while adapting exercises so I could continue to heal, build confidence, and prevent future injury. After working with Sam for several months, I was able to begin weightlifting again and squatted 150 pounds with no pain; since then I’ve hit other milestones while working out at home. Best of all, the new movement patterns I learned with Sam have prevented me from reinjury while I continue to grow stronger. 


I've been training with Sam for about four months now, and he's an incredible trainer.  He took the time to understand my goals, and has since tailored my workouts to maximize my progress towards them.  He puts a lot of thought and effort into each session, making sure that all of the exercises work together and build off each other.  He works with me to improve my form so that I perform at my best and reduce my chance of injury.  And he's a great motivator, always pushing me to do better.  My strength and conditioning have improved significantly since I started at Bodymass.  I'm really happy with the results so far, and I plan on continuing on with Sam for the foreseeable future.  I recommend Sam to anyone looking to get in shape!





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