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Sam Pfister

You matter, your goals matter, and being healthy is a sure fire way to make sure you achieve your goals with your God-given talents. Being fit - mentally, physically, emotionally - will help you excel and squeeze all you can from this life. I would be honored to play a small role in your big dreams.

My passion is in teaching, empowering, and creating community for you to thrive. Let's get there together - contact me today.

I am a coach at Bodymass Gym and coach personal training and group classes at Total Source Fitness in DC.


Fit For your needs

Fit for your Life

What best helps you achieve your health and fitness goals

Need group classes to push you?

Find me on ClassPass, at Bodymass Gym, or at Total Source Fitness

Need one-on-one training?

Contact me to figure out the best way we can work together -- at home, your apartment gym, at a larger facility.

Training for a sport?

Let's get you prepared to crush the coming season.

Need online coaching and programming?

Online coaching is easier than ever and I'm happy to help you stay focused on your goals wherever you are.



When I first joined Sam's class, I was just looking to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. Now, after attending a few classes, I feel mentally better, physically stronger, and more flexible!


Sam is a great fitness instructor! He has boundless faith in your ability to crush a workout, even if you don't believe it yourself, and he'll help you reach your full workout potential.


Sam is a beast of an encourager, teacher, and mentor. He has the rare ability to connect with and challenge complete beginners as well as elite athletes. Working with Sam brings tangible results and a new friend. Highly recommend!





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